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Tech the Halls
Contest Conditions

Contest Period

  1. The Contest Period is from October 12, 2021 - January 14, 2022, inclusive.

Contest Definitions

  1. Definitions:
    1. BCLC: means the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.
    2. BCLC S&W Player: means a person who is 19 years of age or older, who has created a BCLC S&W Account pursuant to these terms and conditions.
    3. BCLC S&W Account: means a player account, which allows a Registered Player, to log into all BCLC S&W offerings.
    4. Bonus Period means December 25, 2021 to January 5, 2022.
    5. Contest Code: means an eleven (11) digit code used to enter the Contest.
    6. Contest Page: means the webpage
    7. Drawn Entrant: means an Entrant whose name is drawn as a result of a prize draw.
    8. Entrant: means a person who is a British Columbia resident 19 years of age or older and who is not:
      1. A BCLC employee or contractor,
      2. A SplashDot Inc. employee,
      3. A participant in BCLC’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion program,
      4. A Lottery Retailer, or
      5. A household member of:
        1. A BCLC or SplashDot Inc. employee, or
        2. A Lottery Retailer.
    9. Instant Prizes: means $50 Mastercard® prepaid gift cards.
    10. Lottery Retailer: means a person contracted by BCLC to sell lottery tickets and provide lottery services at a retail location that pays out prize claims for Scratch & Win tickets, or a person who is an employee or volunteer of a Lottery Retailer.
    11. Notification: means an instant win notification message or an email advising the Entrant that they have won an Instant Prize.
    12. Registered Player: means a Tech the Halls Player or a BCLC S&W Player.
    13. Reserve Drawn Entrant: means an Entrant whose name is drawn as a backup as a result of a prize draw and who becomes a Drawn Entrant in the event that the original Drawn Entrant becomes disqualified.
    14. Tech the Halls Player: means a person who is 19 years of age or older, who has previously registered a Tech the Halls account, accepted these terms and conditions, and who elects to use their Tech the Halls account to log into the Contest. Upon acceptance of these terms and conditions on the Contest Page a Tech the Halls account holder will become a BCLC S&W Player.
    15. Spin & Win Game: means a bonus game with a digital representation of a spin wheel displayed on the Contest Page when an Entrant enters a Contest Code into the Contest Page. On each spin, the Entrant will either win an Instant Prize or receive between one (1) to five (5) bonus entries. (The graphical representation of the spin wheel does not depict the odds of a particular Spin & Win Game result.)
    16. Ticket: means a Scratch & Win ticket (S&W) that contains a Tech the Halls Contest Code.
    17. 12 Days of Christmas: means a bonus game available during the Bonus Period.

How to Enter

  1. To enter the contest, an Entrant must, during the Contest Period:
    1. Obtain a Contest Code from one of the following sources:
      1. Purchase a Scratch & Win Ticket containing a Tech the Halls Contest Code from any Lottery Retailer with the Contest Code found under the latex covering of the Ticket; or
      2. From the Lotto BC Facebook page at Such Scratch & Win BC Facebook Tech the Halls Contest Codes will be made available at random by BCLC three (3) times during the Contest Period; or
    2. Go to the Contest Page,
      1. Complete and submit the contest entry form on the Contest Page to create a BCLC S&W Account; and
      2. In your BCLC S&W Account, enter the Ticket or Facebook Contest Code to receive your entries.
      3. There are four (4) separate prize categories to which your entries may be assigned. Assign entries to whichever prize category you prefer. Once assigned, an entry may be reassigned to another prize category at any point until the end of the Contest Period. If entries remain unassigned at the end of the Contest Period, they will be automatically assigned to the grand prize category for the Home Theatre system.
  2. Entrants are eligible for entries as follows:
    1. Ticket Contest Code entries
      1. Entrant receives one (1) entry for each dollar spent purchasing the Ticket. For example, the Contest Code from a $3 Ticket will generate 3 (three) entries.
      2. Entrant receives one (1) spin on the Spin & Win Game for every multiple of $5 worth of submitted Ticket Contest Codes. For example, if Entrant submits four (4) $3 Ticket Contest Codes, the Entrant receives twelve (12) entries for the dollar value in accordance with section 4(a)(i), plus two (2) spins on the Spin & Win Game for having submitted two (2) multiples of $5 worth of Tickets. Entrants may trade three (3) entries for one (1) additional spin on the Spin & Win Game up to a maximum of three (3) times per day. The additional bonus spin may result in more entries or an Instant Prize, but could also result in fewer entries.
    2. Scratch & Win BC Facebook Contest Code entries
      1. Entrant receives one (1) entry for each Lotto BC Facebook Contest Code submitted during the Contest Period.

Instant Prizes

  1. BCLC will award up to five hundred (500) Instant Prizes.
  2. Entrants, upon spinning the Spin & Win Game, may be selected in accordance with a random selection process to receive an Instant Prize.
  3. If an Entrant is selected for an Instant Prize, the Entrant will receive a Notification after submitting the Contest Code and spinning the Spin & Win Game. As a courtesy, an email will also be sent to Instant Prize winners. Upon receiving the Notification, the Instant Prize winner must follow the instructions to claim the Instant Prize provided in the Notification.
  4. An Entrant must notify BCLC by July 31, 2022 if they have not received their Instant Prize. If an Entrant has not notified BCLC by July 31, 2022 that the prize was not received, then the prize will be forfeited in its entirety and the Entrant shall have no right to claim the prize thereafter.
  5. An Entrant may win more than one (1) Instant Prize.
  6. There is no guarantee that all available Instant Prizes will be awarded.
  7. Entrants may receive an instant win prize during 12 Days of Christmas and an email will also be sent to Instant Prize winners following receipt of an instant win. Upon receiving the Notification, the Instant Prize winner must follow the instructions to claim the Instant Prize provided in the Notification.

Tech the Halls Prize Draws

  1. There are a total of four (4) separate prize categories. BCLC or its agent will conduct a draw from each category of entries for each Tech the Halls Prize on January 18, 2022, or as soon as practicable after that date in order to determine the Drawn Entrants and Reserve Drawn Entrants.
  2. The odds of being selected as a Drawn Entrant are dependent on the number of eligible entries received by the Contest Close Date.
  3. BCLC or its agent shall attempt to contact each Drawn Entrant using the contact information provided by the Entrant on the contest entry form. If, despite BCLC’s reasonable efforts, BCLC is unable to contact a Drawn Entrant or the Drawn Entrant does not respond within seven (7) days from the time BCLC contacted the Drawn Entrant to provide valid government issued photo ID to BCLC for verification thereof and completing the prize release form, that Drawn Entrant will be disqualified and the Reserve Drawn Entrant will replace and become the Drawn Entrant for that prize. In no event will BCLC be obligated to contact Drawn Entrants after February 26, 2022, at which time all unclaimed drawn prizes will be forfeited and no Entrant shall have any right to claim a drawn prize thereafter.
  4. A Drawn Entrant is a “Tech the Halls Winner” if they are successfully contacted by BCLC or its agent, correctly answer a skill-testing question, and meet the requirements of these contest conditions.
  5. An Entrant is eligible to win only one (1) time per Tech the Halls Prize category. If an Entrant’s name is drawn more than once in a category, only the first entry will qualify as a Drawn Entrant and any subsequent entries drawn in that category for this Entrant will be disqualified.

Tech the Halls Drawn Prizes

  1. One (1) Tech the Halls Home Theatre System Prize Draw Winner will receive the option of either:
    1. one (1) home theater system: (65” television; Sound bar; Subwoofer; surround speakers; touch 20 stand alone wireless speaker); Xbox One Console; Harmony Remote) having an approximate value of $8,000, or
    2. a cash prize in the amount of $8,000 paid via cheque .
  2. Two (2) Tech the Halls T.V. Prize Draw Winners will each receive the option of either:
    1. one (1) television having an approximate retail value of $1,000, or
    2. a cash prize in the amount of $1,000 paid via cheque.
  3. Forty (40) Tech the Halls Cash Prize Draw Winners will each a cash prize of $500 paid via cheque.
  4. Thirty (30) Tech the Halls Gift Card Prize Draw Winners will each receive one (1) Mastercard® Prepaid Gift Card having a value of $200.00.
  5. The Tech the Halls Winner of the home theatre system package must claim the prize in person from a BCLC prize payout location as determined by BCLC and provide government issued identification. Any expenses related to claiming the home theatre system package will be the responsibility of the prize winner.
  6. BCLC will mail televisions, cheques and gift cards, at BCLC’s cost, to the Tech the Halls Winners who have qualified for these prizes. These prizes will be sent to the British Columbia mailing address provided by the winner when they registered for the contest.

12 Days of Christmas

  1. The 12 Days of Christmas game is a digital representation of an advent calendar and can be accessed post login during the Bonus Period. On each day during the Bonus Period an Entrant will be able to open the door corresponding to that day. The prize changes every day and will be either bonus entries, entry multipliers, Spin & Win game spin or PlayNow Freeplay token. Each prize will be governed by its own rules of play or as stipulated on the Contest Page.

Other Conditions

  1. By entering this contest, Entrants agree to release BCLC and its agents, including promotional agencies, Lottery Retailers, Facebook, and prize suppliers (collectively the “Releasees”), from any claims or demands in respect of the contest and any prize they may receive. By entering this contest, Entrants acknowledge that the contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. By entering this contest, Entrants agree to indemnify and save the Releasees harmless from and against any and all actions, claims or demands (including costs incurred by the Releasees defending such actions, claims or demands) brought against the Releasees by the Entrant with respect to the contest or any prize they may receive.
  2. No purchase necessary.
  3. Winners must correctly answer a skill-testing question to receive a Prize.
  4. By entering this contest, Instant Prize winners and Tech the Halls Winners agree that BCLC may publish and/or broadcast, in any medium without remuneration, consideration or compensation the name, location and a recent image of that winner, such image to be provided by that winner to BCLC or its agent in electronic format upon BCLC’s request.
  5. An Entrant is only allowed to register once on the Contest Page. More than one registration will invalidate ALL entries submitted by the person who created the duplicate contest accounts and each such account will be disqualified. None of the contest accounts deemed to have been entered by this person will be eligible to win ANY prize. Once registered, only an Entrant’s email address and password will be required when visiting the Contest Page.
  6. BCLC reserves the right to disqualify entries and Entrants that do not comply with these contest conditions. A disqualified entry or Entrant is not eligible to win a prize.
  7. Prizes will be selected by BCLC. BCLC reserves the right to substitute a prize with one of equivalent value, or reasonably close thereto, at BCLC’s sole discretion.
  8. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. BCLC makes no representations or warranties whatsoever, either expressed or implied, oral or written in respect to a prize.
  9. BCLC has no obligation to deliver a prize unless the winner signs a release and provides government- issued photo identification.
  10. Releasees are not responsible for any entry, transaction or transmission of the entry data that is omitted, illegible, late, lost, delayed, garbled, destroyed, misdirected or not recorded due to failure(s) or error(s) for any reason of the entry, internet, internet provider(s) or any personal computer(s) used by an Entrant.
  11. BCLC and its agents are not liable for any loss or damage to any Entrant or their computer or any other property related to or resulting from participating in this contest or downloading any material related thereto.
  12. BCLC may at its sole discretion alter, amend, suspend, or cancel this contest or amend the draw procedures or draw method at any time.
  13. This contest is not a game under the Ticket and any conditions specific to the Ticket, including the Ticket’s expiry date, do not apply to this contest or these contest conditions.
  14. All references to dollar amounts are in Canadian funds. All monetary prizes will be awarded in Canadian funds.
  15. All submitted entries are the property of BCLC.
  16. Decisions of BCLC are final.
  17. Your personal information is collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, British Columbia, and will be used, accessed, disclosed and stored by BCLC and its service providers inside and outside Canada:
    • to facilitate your registration on and use of this website;
    • for administration of the Contest (including verifying your eligibility to enter the Contest and sending Contest information to you);
    • if you are a winner, to contact you and to publicize your name, photograph, location and prize;
    • if you consent, to distribute offers and promotional materials to you;
    • for research, statistical purposes, including inviting you to participate in research;
    • to customize the content and delivery of our products, services and marketing;
    • to make improvements to our products and services; and
    • to comply with applicable laws.

    Effective on the date you submit your personal information on this website, you agree to the above. BCLC is committed to protecting your privacy. If you have any questions about the collection or use of your personal information, please contact BCLC Customer Support Centre at 74 West Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1E2, telephone 1-866-815-0222 or